I've spent A LOT of time with these Riveters. I know ALL of their secrets. 

Remember when you were 12 and you had all the time in the world to hang out with your friends? You sat in parks, you walked to the store for slurpees and then you just "hung out" doing nothing til 10 and went home?

Good times.

As an adult, friendships happen over coffee, lunch or dinners (or in my case, playdates)

When you're in a band, you spent a LOT of time hanging out. Waiting for soundcheck; waiting to board a plane; sitting in a van for 10 hours - it's a lot like being 12.

Here's a few juicy secrets few people know about us:

1.     Who sings alto? All of us. Each of us tries our hand at different parts in different songs.

2.     We dance 4kms (in heels) every night. The gals allowed me to wear my fitbit one night so I could count our steps.

3.     Collectively we are the proud recipients of 3 degrees and a goat milking trophy. (Alexis & Allyson have the degrees)

4.     Allyson is afraid of snakes. Alexis is afraid of heights. Farideh is afraid of nothing.

5.     Farideh’s burps are so loud, they will blow your hair back.

6.     Alexis likes to read allowed random signs she sees while touring.

7.     Collectively we have 34 years of performance experience and 10 albums.

8.     We are all first borns in our families.

9.     Allyson’s grandmother was a “Riveter” in Shellbrook, SK, during war-time.

10.  In 2016 Rosie & the Riveters traveled on over 85 flights.

11.  We’ve micro-financed women's projects around the world. Currently we’ve invested over $5000 in over 126 projects.