Ever wonder what backstage areas are like for Rosie and the Riveters? Welcome to a guided tour of the backstage areas we encounter!

1) The “goodness-gracious-we-ARE-rockstars” backstage

Let’s start at the top of the luxury list: backstage areas of theatres are usually large and comfortable. Some, like the Mae Wilson Theatre in Moose Jaw and the E.A. Rawlinson Theatre in Prince Albert, have a dressing room (a space that is big enough to accommodate the four of us applying makeup at the same time) AND a green room (a place where we can hang out and relax before a show)! Most often, the green room is equipped with snacks, great food, drinks, water, towels and most anything else you can think of. I’ve even seen one equipped with a treadmill! Sometimes we bring plastic containers to these gigs so we can take leftover food home with us after the show! 


2) The “this-space-is-so-cool-I-don’t-want-to-perform” backstage

Backstage areas in these venues are almost as cool looking as the venue itself. The best example that comes to mind is the backstage of the historic Lyric Theatre in Swift Current, SK. It is so cool back there, sometimes it’s hard to get on stage to perform!

 3) The “clearly-a-non-makeup-wearing-person-designed-this-one” backstage

Normally, this type of space consists of a single room with a couch or a few chairs, a coffee table, probably a few bottles of water and a mini-fridge. Sometimes, the lighting is so dim that putting on makeup would easier to do with your eyes closed! haha... not quite :-) There isn't usually a mirror in this type of backstage area. Thankfully, the Riveters have an “emergency kit” equipped with a couple small hand-held mirrors that do the trick!

 4) The “makeshift” backstage

This is quite literally any space a person comes up with: a hockey dressing room (equipped with enough febreze to turn ourselves into human air refreshers!); someone’s living room if the person lives across the street from the venue; a designated area squared-off by temporary curtains; pantries. … yes, I’ve prepped for a show in a walk-in pantry before – right next to the canned soup and macaroni noodles! 

 5) The “you-need-a-backstage-area?” backstage

Bars are notorious for not having a backstage area. Most often, a bathroom stall becomes the space where we get ready for a show. We recently performed in a bar where there were a couple large mirrors placed on the wall next to empty kegs and other storage places! 

There you have it folks!

It's not the glam of the backstage area that counts - it's the fun we have wherever we go!