Over time we’ve perfected the Riveter costume. It used to take us many hours to get ready and now we put it together in one hour.

Some quick facts:

  • We coordinate our outfit everynight
  • We wear pantyhose (almost every night)
  • We’ve never done a show NOT in costume
  • We once did an outdoor show and our dresses flew up above our heads

The Dress  

We choose our dresses on a number of factors.

  • 1940’s. The skirt can’t be too puffy (that’s more 1950’s)
  • Modesty was the policy of the 1940’s. The shoulder straps can’t be too thin and the skirt isn’t too short.
  • Sweat. We are ladies, but we do sweat. Our show is very active so we choose fabrics and colors that mask our sweat.
  • Season & Venue.  Our black dresses don’t make sense for

Some of our favorite places to find dresses are 2nd hand shops, Modcloth, and A Bit More Hip (in Saskatoon)

The Shoes

The shoes of the time were black or brown, closed toe and usually hand some kind of band over the top to keep them in place. The heel was thick. We also choose on comfort. We are sometimes stomping, dancing and singing for 3 hours and we need a shoe that can keep up.

The Hair

None of us knew how to do our hair 1940’s style before we joined Rosie & the Riveters. We learned by watching YouTube. Each of us puts some kind of curl in our hair. From victory rolls to finger waves, here are some of our favorite 1940’s hair tutorials:

The Makeup

Lipstick and black eyeliner.  What else could you need? We are almost always wearing matching lipstick “Russian Red” from Mac.

Here’s a great makeup tutorial all about 1940's makeup.

The Accessories

Depending on the evening we have a host of hats, belts and necklaces to accessorize our outfit. We sometimes coordinate and sometimes not. A hat is of great assistance when you’re having a bad hair day.

Of course, the greatest accessory is a smile. And we are wearing one all the time.