As you may know, none of us Riveters are named Rosie. Nope! Not one. There is Alexis (that’s me!), Allyson, Melissa and Farideh – but no Rosie. So what’s the deal, you ask?

It’s simple: our band name is inspired by Rosie the Riveter. We like to say she lives in all of us. You may recognize her from the American propaganda campaign that encouraged women to fill the factory shoes of men gone to fight overseas during the Second World War. You may also recall the “We Can Do It” slogan:

We Can Do It!

I decided to do some investigating on the topic and came across an interesting piece of Canadian History. Have you ever heard of Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl?

Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl

According to Wikipedia and The Vintage Inn (a great vintage blog!), I learned that Veronica Foster was asked to be the face of the Canadian propaganda campaign that encouraged nearly one million women to join the work force during World War II. What I found most interesting is that the American equivalent (Rosie the Riveter) was created in the months following the Canadian campaign! Ronnie later became a singer and pursued a career as a model.  

CBC put together a great piece explaining Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl’s story. Have a look:

Voilà … a bit of history for you on Canada Day! 




- Alexis 

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