Rosie and the Riveters look upon 2015 with the utmost excitement. Included on our list of project to accomplish this year is our very first studio album of original compositions! There is lots of work ahead, but much adventure and fun along the way. 

Each Riveter is looking forward to 2015 in her own way: 

Melissa is an entrepreneur who runs  Prairie Songstress-  a music-teaching business - when she is not on the road with the band. This year, she is looking forward to teaching in a new space located in Beaumont Records – a great little record shop in downtown Saskatoon that also hosts live music events and acts as a label for local musicians. What a great breathe of fresh air for this prairie songstress as she brings on the New Year! 

(a side note from Alexis: how cool would it be to take guitar and singing lessons at a record store?! It would be like taking music lessons at Empire Records. I dig it.)

Farideh has a background in marketing, business administration and owns an online marketing company that specializes in launching. You gotta book? An online course? An album? A swell idea? Farideh is your gal! She is one of the best multitaskers I know and takes on new challenges and adventures head on. In addition to these roles, Farideh is preparing for an entirely new one for 2015. We’ll keep you posted about it in the coming weeks ;-) 

Allyson eats up anything that is music! She works on her solo music career, singing her original folk composition across the country. She also teaches voice lessons at Melissa’s school! She is looking forward to releasing and recording the Riveter’s album and performing at summer festivals. Her horoscope says the house of Jupiter will make 2015 especially dazzling and passionately romantic... will you be the one to steal her heart this year? 

My turn (Alexis)! 2014 has been a transformational year for me on so many levels - I have such a great feeling about 2015. I look forward to traveling in Central America this winter and spending some time in Montréal to nurture my solo music career (jazz-folk music in French). Also, as far as yearly horoscope projetions go, I share the same zodiac sign as Allyson ;-) 


With so much going on,

there is so much to get excited about! 


Now, it's your turn!

What do you look forward to in 2015? Write us at - post about it on our Facebook page! Tweet us! We want to get excited with you!


In the mean time, we send out our very best wishes to you for 2015: love, health, family and career! May your dreams and projects come to fruition! 




- Alexis