After years of being a quartet, and sometimes a trio, we are excited to announce that we are about to be a QUINTET!.

Even more exciting is, we haven't met our 5th Riveter - nor do we know if its a girl or a boy.

Our 5th Riveter will be joining us this July because he/she is currently only the size of a mango.

Thats right boys and girls, we're adding a tiny roadie to the group and its MY BABY!!!! 

We're very excited about MERCH possibilities. Check out this prototype the girls gave me when we found out. Yes...i totally cried when I saw it. 


Allyson, Melissa and Alexis are hoping it's a girl so we can all name her Rosie. 

I'm nervous about whether I'll fit into any of my Riveter costumes in the next months and after the baby is born. Thankfully, Melissa's mom is on board as our seamstress to help alter dresses if need be.

With that being said. We will be looking for a 5th Riveter of sorts. We are looking for a Riveting Sub who wants to join our band while I am on maternity and be available for other gigs when one of us isn't available. If this interests you PLEASE reach out.

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