Here is a sneak peak from the Good Clean Fun album art photo shoot...

Well, today is the day folks!  We are officially launching the pre-sale of our album 'Good Clean Fun!' as of June 1, 2015. 

As of today, you can purchase Good Clean Fun! physical album + a special Riveting Love note for $25 (includes shipping) ~or~ a digital album for $10

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Add To Cart

Thanks for being a part of our first studio album!  Good Clean Fun will be available for sale in October 2015. However, you can purchase your ADVANCED copy NOW.

By pre-ordering your copy of Good Clean Fun you're helping us raise funds for the printing and promoting of the album. THANK YOU!

You'll receive your copy of Good Clean Fun in the mail, or at a Saskatchewan performance. Additionally, to express our gratitude you will also get a special Riveting Love Note from the Riveters.

Thank you for helping make this album a possibility!


Rosie & the Riveters