Between the 4 of us we have toured England, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada MANY times.

I started getting my road feet as a child of about 7. My father brought me on tour with his bands (he even forgot me at a gas station once!). 

So, this isn't our first rodeo.

But, This time it is different.

We're touring with a 3 month old!

Here's our Lil Rosie today, just 6 weeks old.

Hopefully she does a lot of this on the road!

Hopefully she does a lot of this on the road!

I'll share with you a secret even the other girls don't know. 

I called Alexis more than once thinking I'd have to quit the band because I couldn't figure out how it could be humanly possible to tour with my little girl. Alexis always talked me off my ledge reminding me that much of what I was afraid of, hadn't actually happened yet.

Many a times while planning and booking our tour, I would change my mind about what I thought I could handle. The girls were very accommodating, despite the hard work they were doing that I kept vacillating on.

I had SOOOO many questions

  • How do I breastfeed on the road?
  • What kind of gear do I take?
  • Is it easier to bring someone with you to help, or have people at each gig willing to hold your baby?
  • Is this even possible or just insane?

I needed a mentor.

Alexis pointed me to a great blog from Good Lovelies Caroline Brooks. Check it out here. Here is a record of her touring from 2 months to 2 years! I gained sooo much insight. I thanked her personally on Twitter and she responded saying she'd be happy to have a phone call one day if I had more questions.

A few months later I had one of my freakout moments where I didn't think I could tour with a baby. I reached out to Caroline and she generously gave me her time and lots of great advice.

My favourite nugget of her wisdom she shared was:

"Go on small trips as a family before tour as a way to build your confidence" - Caroline Brooks, Good Lovelies.


Hearing from a woman who has done it was so helpful. I reached out to other women who tour with babies and children. 

Here's the advice Canadian Female Musicians who tour with babies shared with us:

Jill Barber

The more loving hands on deck the better. And this old chestnut: sleep when the baby sleeps. Good luck! 

Amy Millan, Stars

Don't bring too much stuff. All hotels are legally bound to have a crib/p&p to sleep for baby. Good luck! 


Learn how to shower in a venue while holding your child! 

Carrie Catherine

The first is a piece of advice I received from Connie Kaldor: “Always prepare for diarrhea.” Enough said.

Mine would be, stay in the moment. When you’re being a mom, be a mom. When you’re on stage, be a musician. Don’t overthink. Surrender to the beautiful flow of the road, of motherhood, of friendship. It’s a gorgeous experience. 

Little Miss Higgins

Breastfeed during take off and landing!


DO you have TIPS FOR HOW TO SURVIVE THE ROAD WITH A BABY? Share them in the Comments below!