New photo!! Thanks to Lisa Landrie

New photo!! Thanks to Lisa Landrie

Rosie & the Riveters are fortunate to have such a great community and devoted fan base that support us so well! Upon hearing that we are preparing a new album, many of them have been asking us what really goes into making one. I thought I’d share the list of “secret” ingredients.

FIRST INGREDIENTS: Blood, sweat and tears

In other words: passion. I’m so thankful to be working with Farideh, Melissa and Allyson on this project – we are all driven, organized and motivated to get the job done. Our work ethic gets us through a long series of decisions that go into making an album. Since we are all from different musical backgrounds (and all have different tastes), our decision-making process can be long. Some of the people who have witnessed our discussions have nicknamed us “The democracy” – a term we now use endearingly.  These decisions include: Who will produce the record? Where will we record it? How will we fund it? What will it sound like? What instruments do we want to include? Do we want to sing covers or write original tunes? What musicians should we hire? 


This album wouldn't happen without the support we received from Factor and Creative Saskatchewan to offset the production expenses. Between paying the musicians who played on the album, the studio rental fees, the travel expenses, producing/mixing/mastering fees, among many other costs, our total production bill is over $20 000. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We've got to promote the album too: take new photos for our album cover, print copies of the album, produce music videos as well as many other promotional activities. Our total marketing bill will also be well over $20 000 too.

THIRD INGREDIENT: An hourglass  …maybe a few of them!

In other words: time. Of course there is the time we spend in the studio trying to nail down our vocal lines and harmonies (who am I kidding!? We are one take wonders!). We spend time re-working arrangements, listening to the final mixes/masters of our songs in order to improve them, etc. BUT before we even get to that, we spend a lot of time honing our craft. 

We gather inspiration through life experience, write the songs, share them with each other, re-work them, edit them, listen to demos and get input from other people (namely Ken Whiteley – our super duper songwriting coach!), before we re-work them again. Once the lyrics and structure are defined, we spend time composing vocal arrangements and harmonies. It’s hard to put a number on the amount of hours we spend on each song… some take less than others. I’d say that 24hours/song is a conservative guess. When you think about it, if we spend 24 hours prepping each song before we head into the studio, and we have written 13 of them – it’s like spending over 7 weeks (at 40hrs/week) just on the writing process! ...being an artist is more than a full-time job!  

After 3-days of songwriting mentorship with Ken Whiteley!

Well, there you have it folks! This album has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more excited to share it! We JUST heard some of the first mixes… I gotta say, it’s sounding SO good. We’re all really excited to share it with you this fall.

We decided to call the album Good Clean Fun! and release it on Thursday, October 8th 2015. But, you can pre-order a copy of the album HERE. In doing so, you're helping us raise funds for the printing and promoting of the album.



Alexis ...for the democracy ;-)