When I decided to make music my full-time gig, I quickly realized that “The Touring 20” is a thing. Unlike “The Freshman 15”, it isn’t as easy to work off. So, I decided to take action.  

Before I leave for tour, I do two things: 

1) I prepare two extra portions of a yummy meal that travels well, such as Buddha or glory bowls. I really appreciate these super tasty home-made treats loaded with fresh veggies – they are a lean source of energy that get me through the first days of tour. Once I’ve eaten them, I use the containers to store left-overs from lunch or supper (usually restaurant food portions are big enough for two meals!). They are also useful to pack up some snacks that a venue may have provided in our greenroom.  

2) I will also make extra portions of food I can store in the freezer so I have something homemade and healthy when I get home from tour. I’m usually pretty exhausted when I get home and, instead of ordering take out, I just pull out a container of soup, chili or chicken dinner!   

While on tour, I abide by these 3 golden rules:  

  • NEVER eat fast food. Opt for a grocery store instead (it’s fast too!)  

  • Eat as many veggies as possible (they aren’t always easy to come by on the road) 

  • Try to eat in a restaurant only once a day 

  • If I am not traveling by plane, I bring a small cooler equipped with healthy food for the road and ice packs to keep it chilled. I keep it full of fresh veggies, hard boiled eggs, fruit, cottage cheese, salads, or anything that make great breakfast and/or lunch items and help reduce the number of times I eat in a restaurant.  

Last fall, I added a fourth golden rule:  

  • No alcohol! Yes, I recently gave up alcohol… and I don’t miss it at all!  


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