We’ve written our next record! 

When R&R sat down to start ruminating on the next record one thing became very clear:

We needed GREAT SONGS.

Songs that would make you wanna pull over in your car and take a deep breath; Songs that would make you feel like we took the words straight from your heart; Songs that named feelings you didn’t even know you have had!

I recently heard there are 3 Muses of Creativity:

  1. The Muse of Consistency
  2. The Muse of Inspiration
  3. The Muse of Talent

When I reflect on our songwriting process for our next album, it’s clear we called upon all three of these deities in order to find “GREAT SONGS”.

The Muse of Consistency

We made a goal to write 50 songs for the next record after we heard this story:

There was a pottery teacher who wanted to try something new to get the best works from his students.

He split his class in half.  For the first half of the class he told them he would grade them on their best work.

For the 2nd half of the class he told them he would grade them on how many pieces they made.

During the year, stepping into their studios the atmosphere was completely different. The first half of the students, were serious and silent; painstakingly focused on one piece – trying to perfect it and make it the best possible.

Meanwhile, the 2nd group of students were laughing, flinging the wildest and weirdest creations possible.

At the end of the year, the best pieces were those made by the 2nd group of students. Their ideas were better and their craft had improved.

With our limited schedule, the Muse of Consistency guided us and when we did the work we found:

The Muse of Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms. For us, those forms were writing exercises that had us writing out lists of sensory words, or vintage words. Making lists of cool song titles or concepts.  We racked our brains and hearts thinking about what our audience needed to hear.

We wrote these on giant sheets of paper and brought them with us on each writing retreat or session we went to.

Of course there were some more interesting moments the Muse of Inspiration descended upon us.

Like in a dream, where I called Allyson from prison and  inspired the song,  “Call Me”.

Or, a comment about “being ladylike” fired us up to write “Ms. Behave”.

When the Muse of Inspiration was exhausted, her pen dry, it  was time to call in:

The Muse of Talent

Each of us has years of songwriting experience, awards and accolades hiding under our fabulous fascinators.

However, in the search of GREAT SONGS we were willing to look under every rock.

This included approaching publishers for song pitches from those Nashville and LA.

Many of the hit songs you’re listening to on the radio are written by the hand of an artist you’ve never heard of.

We listened with open minds; however, our sound and the distinct voice of our lyrics were nowhere to be found. The songs from these publishers lacked sass, character and empowerment. The songs were okay but they weren’t “Riveter songs”

It became VERY clear – only the Riveters could write a Rosie & the Riveter song.

This realization didn’t preclude us from collaboration!

Collaboration is a driving force behind Rosie & the Riveters and so to build on that power we spent two weeks in Toronto co-writing with some of our favourite songwriters: Royal Wood, Matt Barber,  Caroline Brooks (from The Good Lovelies), Tim Abraham, Peter Katz, and Robyn Dell’Unto.


Many of these songs made it only the record….you’ll have to wait til March to hear it. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on your favorite social media platform to be the 1st to hear!