Just like fitness at home, I need to make exercise a priority in my day if I’m going to make it happen. Furthermore, it takes planning!

Before I leave on tour, I have a look at my schedule to identify the days we spend fewer than 4 hours in the car (Thereby creating time for a workout!).

I also locate the hotels that are equipped with a work-out room and the town/cities that would have groomed running trails or other fun activities like hiking, kayaking or swing dancing!

  • Most hotels have mini-fridges these days, so I am able to keep my food cold and re-freeze my ice packs. Those that don’t will often agree to store my food in the staff fridge behind the check-in desk.
  • Breakfast food ideas: hard boiled eggs (made before I leave home), fruit, cottage cheese (sometimes I’ll also pack a bit of cinnamon to give it some pizzazz),
  • Snacks: cheese slices, apples, unsalted nuts, rice crackers and humus, turkey bites, carrot sticks,
  • Meals: Buddha or glory bowls, sushi, chili, salads, etc.

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