As members of Rosie & the Riveters, we’ve been asked a lot recently if we are “feminists”.

Before I reveal our answer I thought I’d start us off with a quiz.  Once you know whether you’re a feminist, we’ll be able to share our answer with you.



Take the “Are you a feminist?” quiz:

Question #1 Do you believe in the political, economic and social equality of all people?


Yes or No?


If you answered yes, congratulations you are a feminist!


Question #2….ooop nope, there isn’t another question.

That’s the only question.

This might come as a surprise. Perhaps you’ve always disliked the word feminist or have been told feminism is  a "women vs men" viewpoint. 

Don’t worry, you’re now a member of a VERY large group because feminists come in all shapes, sizes, and from all backgrounds - they're everywhere! 

Yes. That gun-toting-deer-hunting-beer-guzzling guy named Darryl from your local bar; he’s a feminist!

Yep, Rebekkah, the Mormon mother of 4 who has never cut her hair and doesn’t work outside the home – she's a feminist, too!

Feminism is NOT the belief that women are better than men. 

Feminism is about inclusivity and intersectionality - it's not just for white, able-bodied, heterosexual, cis-gender women either. Feminism involves and affects everyone - it's important to seek out, pay attention, and LISTEN to people who have historically been marginalized and excluded from the conversation: people of colour, people with disabilities and transgender people to name just a few. 

Feminism is about choice. You can shave you legs, or not; wear makeup, or not; work at home, or not; have children, or not; march or not; there are no rules.

Feminism is the belief in the political, economic, and social equality of all people. That's it. Pssst. that doesn’t mean we think we’re the same as men, or that all women have the same life experiences - understanding the complexities within the feminist movement is important (and we’re still learning, too). 

So yes, we here at Rosie & the Riveters are feminists. What about you? Are you a feminist? If so, I’ve created a playlist for your eardrums to take in the sounds of feminist folk of today. Follow us on Spotify and listen.