As a band, our goal as always been to promote positivity and to bring joy to our audiences through our music. We believe in the beauty and strength of diversity and we welcome EVERYONE to our concerts. All of us move through this world differently, and the only thing that really matters is what’s inside your heart. We choose love, peace, acceptance, and inclusion, always.

Music and activism have a long, intertwined history and art has always played an important part in social movements and change. Here are 3 powerful songs written by women (with the exception of Strange Fruit) whose messages are still, unfortunately, as relevant today as they were years ago. 

O Siem (written by Susan Aglukark & Chad Irschick) - Susan Aglukark

Strange Fruit (written by Abel Meeropol) - Billie Holiday

Mississippi Goddamn (written by Nina Simone) - Nina Simone 

Allyson xo

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