The last few weeks have been JAM PACKED with promo activities to help promote Good Clean Fun! We’ve been designing and printing posters, postcards and new merch; rehearsing for our full-band show; booking accommodations for our tour; giving interviews; sending our album to radio stations around the country…the list is as long as your arm! 

Amidst the administrative tasks, we’ve also enjoyed a few really fun projects including our very first music video!!

We chose a song called A Million Little Things, which illustrates elements that make our lives awesome. To commemorate this theme, we invited some of the people we hold most dear to our hearts to be in the video: our friends and family!

…turns out, they feel the love too! Nearly 30 people accepted our invitation! So, we decided to have a party and invite Adjile to film it! It included balloons, cupcakes, bunting, streamers, party hats, cupcakes (of course!) and even stilt walkers!! We had a grand ol' time! 

I can't wait for you all to see it! We'll release it in early October. 

In the mean time, here are a few pics from the day: 

Thanks so much Chad & AJ (from Adjile) for your patience, ideas, talent and willingness to have fun with our wild ideas and goofy charm for the afternoon! 

Thanks also to Balloonatic for the must-have props! 



Alexis xo