Whenever I get the post-tour blues, I remember our fans...whom I love. So very much! I appreciate how they are so generous with their enthusiasm, kind words, heart-felt comments. It really brightens my heart when I scroll down our Facebook page and read things like:

"Saw your show tonight in Calgary. You four are unique, amazing, entertaining. Come again!!!"
"I can't even put into words how I much I loved every moment of your show tonight! You ladies are absolutely amazing! I can't wait for the next show:)"
"Wow where have you ladies been hiding? So impressive.. and those harmonies.... wow..Would love to see you perform live. Great show ladies,, just spectacular...."

They also share such interesting stories, links, articles and other things that I love to learn about. One fan event sent me a book in the mail about Rosie the Riveter! 

Fan mail!

The latest was a share about "Rosies of the North" an National Film Board documentary about women from Thunder Bay and the Prairies that baked cakes, raised families and built world-class fighter planes! Check it out:

Rosies of the North : a NFB documentary!

Rosies of the North : a NFB documentary!

Keep'em coming! Especially the learning stuff - I really enjoy it!