We've been bringing Farideh's daughter on the road with us for over a year and a half already and it's hard to believe so much time has gone by! In honour of Mother's Day, here are some of the best/most hilarious parenting tips we've picked up from Farideh along the way: 

o   bibs are totally overrated

o   coffee-filters make really bad snack bowls

o   pink and red do match but clothing is always optional

o   a squidgee pack of baby food adds a nice splash of colour to any outfit

o   we all love Peppa Pig

o   noisy toys somehow “lose their batteries” after about an 30 min

o   nap time can happen anywhere/anytime

o   play time means work out time for the aunties

o   anything is a game, including picking up raisins from the floor

o   anything can be a telephone and you'd better answer when that banana phone is ringing for you

o   so. much. snot.

o   when airport security asks if you're family, just say yes

o   the only thing that stinks more than “next day donair” in a car is baby puke

o   you can absolutely wash your clothes and a carseat in a gas station bathroom

o   most food will be covered in baby spit and sticky hands, germs are good for you

o   any time is a good time for a story

o   always make time for play


Allyson xoxo

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