Rosie & the Riveters became a trio on January 1st, 2017 when our beautiful Riveter Melissa decided to step down as a Riveter in order to step up to her new paths and passions. 

When Melissa first mentioned she wanted to pursue her love for her community, farm and the environment we were very happy for her and we wondered what was the next best step for Rosie & the Riveters. 

Should we get a new 4th member? Would the show be as strong? What would the harmonies sound like as a trio? These were all questions we discussed and were worried about.

In the end, we took a January tour to Alberta as a test. Could R&R be a trio? Could we create a show that was just as engaging, tight, entertaining and fun? Could the workload be split between 3 people instead of four?

Our first step was to hit the songs again and adjust our harmonies. Almost every song needed a slight adjustment, either someone needed to take a new harmony or sometimes we all had to adjust slightly. In the practices, we discovered new blends and little tricks. We heard new things and had fun reimagining old repertoire.

Then, we took to the studio! The dance studio that is. Surrounded by mirrors we could see our dance routines and make the adjustments needed to balance out 3 people dancing instead of 4. We moved Alexis with the guitar to the middle for symmetry, we adjusted footwork so we were in sync and ultimately we were happy with the outcome.

Farideh found a tutu backstage in Fernie...then she found 2 more!

Farideh found a tutu backstage in Fernie...then she found 2 more!

For our 7 shows in Alberta and BC our goal was to see if: "we can do it". Can we give an incredible show and handle the workload?

The answer was a resounding YES! Many of the shows were sold out, the applause uproarious (if thats a word) and the workload manageable. We finally felt like we could commit.


The day after we got home from tour , Matt Braden was kind enough to do a photoshoot and film us performing as a trio live. Here's what 100 hours of work looked like:

We're excited about the future of Rosie & the Riveters. This band has always been a side project for us, but now we feel that we can take it full-time. We've joined forces with the Feldman Agency (the largest booking agency in Canada), we're songwriting for our next record and we're ready to take us where ever Rosie is meant to go.

Thanks for being a part of our journey.



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