When I was a kid I was bullied. I had very few friends and I was quite lonely.

My mother told me "One day you'll be grateful for this experience".

This is what inspired the song "Hallelujah Baby".

Here's a peak at a live performance from a sold out show at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon.

The chorus lyrics are:

Praise for the good times, 
Praise for the bad times
Praise for the love I find
Praise for the sunshine,
Praise for the grey skies
Praise for the joy I find


Being bullied as a child shaped me into a person who turns to art for comfort and who enjoys being by herself.

The end of a disastrous relationship made me a better parter.

Grief, loss and suffering has allowed me to connect and share with someone who is grieving and suffering now.

Mom was right...she always is.