I LOVE to travel. If I weren’t in Rosie & the Riveters, I’m sure I’d be somewhere far away with nothing but a backpack right now. I’ve had some amazing travel experiences (like whitewater rafting down the Amazon River, climbing a glacier, eating sushi in the oldest restaurant in Tokyo, etc.), but touring with a band is a completely different kind of trip!

Obviously drinking lots of water, eating healthy food, and getting lots of sleep and exercise are so important in staying healthy while travelling. I’m going to skip all that and fill you in on my tried & tested ways to keep your sanity on the road – regardless of who you’re with or where you’re going.

1) Black out: Invest in some good earplugs & a sleep mask.  Can’t see & can’t hear = great nap almost anywhere.

2) Play: Bring a deck of cards - you never know when they’ll come in handy. They’re small and super easy to pack. Life tip: they’re also a weird ice-breaker on first dates.

3) Fashionable & practical: Bring a scarf that you can use as a blanket or pillow, in addition to spicing up an outfit. You’ll thank me when you're warm & lookin' good. 

4) Elastic duty: I wrap everything in elastics when I’m packing. It keeps things separated in my suitcase and lets me stay organized almost the entire trip!

5) Just the essentials: I always bring a small bottle or two of essential oil with me – orange, lavender, or peppermint are my favs. Essential oils help relieve stress & tension headaches, sleep troubles, etc., and I love to sprinkle a drop or two in the shower and put a little on my pillow before bed.

6) Sweat: Rosie & the Riveters LOVE the ‘7 Minute Fitness Challenge’ app by Health Xperts Production. No time for the gym on a travel day? Sweat for 7 minutes – push-ups, crunches, lunges, etc. - and then get back on the road.

7) Walk it off: Bring a pair of good walking shoes that you’ve already broken in so you’re not stuck with blisters on the first few days of your trip. My mom was always right about this one.

8) Listen: I love checking out new music BUT I like to save new albums for the road. It keeps me entertained & lets me listen to music in a different way than I would if I’m at home.

9) Eat chocolate: Yes! Dark chocolate is good for the heart & circulation, helps restore flexibility to the arteries, lowers your risk of stroke, etc., etc. Enough said.

10) Be grateful: Farideh taught us this one. When I’m feeling frustrated, tired, etc., I consciously think of things I’m grateful for. Too hot outside? I’m grateful for air conditioning. Tired?  Thankful for somewhere to sleep, eventually. Seems obviously but it really works and helps to keep things in perspective.

Allyson xoxo