Sassy Greeting Cards


Sassy Greeting Cards


4 pack of cards include:

  • Happy Birthday! (inside: Let’s Smash the Pastry-archy)

  • Congratulations! (inside: You’re Amazing!)

  • You’re Just My Type (inside: blank)

  • *Telephone graphic only* (inside: You’re the only person I’d call from jail.)

    Looking for the perfect way to tell someone you care? Look no further! Our pack of 4 greeting cards is an excellent way to spread that feminist agenda while wishing friends & family a happy birthday at the same time. Fret not about the big F word (feminism- yikes!)- these cards are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and appropriate for all ages. Who doesn’t want to smash the pastry-archy?

    Package contains 1 envelope per card. Cards cannot be sold in any other combination than listed above. Pencils not included. Product ships worldwide.

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